Here is a selection of commissions I have completed over the years. I am always on the look out for a new challenge, be it ceramic or painting. If you have an idea I am competitive on price and guarantee the piece will be original and produced in direct consultation to meet your requirements.

Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Big Bad Wolf.


Both commissions for children's bedrooms.


Wall mount commissions start from £105 depending on complexity of animal and size. All animals considered!



Pregnancy Bump Casts

I recorded my own pregnancies by casting my bumps and now take on regular commissions. For myself and those I have created bump casts for they provide a lasting memory of this unique time.


I can send the plaster kit for your partner or children to cast your bump, then have this transformed in the clay of your choice. The surface can be inscribed with names, weights, poems, tattoos or simply left plain with a matt or satin finish.


Plaster kit with instructions and ceramic cast from £120 dependent on decorative finishes.

The Green Man and Wood Nymphs were commissioned by The Lanes Micro Pub in Dover and have joined the vast collection of Green Men already decorating the pub walls.


Medusa and the Gold Man were private commissions.


Green Man wall mounts can be made in stoneware so they are frost proof for outside decoration.

Prices start at £120.

Green Man, Wood Nymphs & Medusa


I have a real passion for creating animals, to attempt a recreation of their character and personality. These are commissions from the past few years based on customers individual favourites.


I am happy to take on any animal commission of varying scales, either as a wall mount, an abstracted or realistic piece, whole or part body. They can be made in stoneware to be frost proof and suitable for outdoor ornamentation.


Prices start from £55 depending on animal complexity and size.

Odo's Barn

Spanning over 150cm in length this has been my most challenging but enjoyable commission to date. Created by carving into sections of slabbed clay and based on a section of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting Bishop Odo's blessing of the feast, it now overlooks the bar at Odo's Barn wedding venue in Billington, Kent.




Folkestone, Kent. CT19 5PN



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