Sculptural Ceramics


My work is inspired by textures and a layering of processes. Fundamentally I am interested in clay and retaining its unique tactile quality throughout the firing process. I may switch subject matter depending on obsessions and inspirations as they occur, but the subtle malleability of clay and the challenge to build is what draws me in time and time again...

Wall Mounts and Free Standing Skulls

Inspired initally by frequent visits to local manor houses and museums, my wall mounts aim to capture the personality of the animal, whether that be curious, shy or mocking, whilst retaining an obvious decorative style in the use of select metallic finishes and overly curling antlers or horns.


What began as stag and ram heads moved into skulls and through commissions I have also created Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Big Bad Wolf.


Each piece is individually hand crafted using a slab technique and fired multiple times with layers of slip, oxide and glaze. More recent pieces have included lotus or mandala carvings and have become more decorative.


Skull, ram or goat wall mounts start at £145, Deer and antelope heads from £180. Free standing skulls from £75


For years I have been inspired by the female form. The figure on the right dates back to my degree work although I have been recently inspired to start a new series. Through textures taken from wallpaper, graffiti and clothing, they suggesting the layering of memories; how they shape us, create strength in our identity but also give way to fragility, hence the incomplete forms and broken surfaces. Individually slab built in white paperclay with porcelain inlay and fired multiple times layering slip with glaze.

Such personal work led me into pregnancy bump casting, more of which can be seen on my Commissions page.

Figure Inspired Vases


I first created these small vases after recovering from chemotherapy, looking to produce small work that would be therapeutic and good for building the strength back up in my fingers after side effects caused numbing and weakness. They are based on the female form. the combination of smooth and sharply angled areas are a reflection of how my body has changed since surgery and treatment. The lotus flower and mandalas engraved on each symbolise rebirth, starting over and self awareness.


They are each hand modelled in terracotta and carved with unique inlaid slip patterns and crackle glazed. Ranging in size from 15cm to 20cm they start from £65

Mother Hugs


One of the hardest aspects of going through Cancer has been seeing my children suffer, worry and lose some of their innocence. These sculptures are my response to needing to shield them from hurt. A mothering instinct to offer comfort and protect them from the horrors of the world.


Individually modelled and glazed in metallic or blue crackle finish, they are priced at £120 and stand at approximately 20cm.

Water Koru

This series of work was created on returning to the UK after nearly three years living in New Zealand. Inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna and the emotional attachment of the sea to our well being. Each piece is created using slabbed black clay and layered with slip, dry barium glazes and gold lustre.


They have now sold. If you are interested in similar please contact me.


Robins are one of my favourite birds. It is thought that when a robin flies into your presence he signifies stimulation of new growth and renewal in many areas of life. Throughout my treatment the sight of a robin renewed my energy and positivity.


Hand modelled in white clay with malleable wire legs, each robin is unique. They are life size, underglazed with englobes and finished with a crackle glaze.

£60 each.




Folkestone, Kent. CT19 5PN



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