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Oil Paintings on Wood


I have painted in the past using Acrylic and been curious to try Oil Paint for some time. Side effects of neuropathy during chemotherapy meant I lacked the strength in my fingers to produce clay work. Desperate to continue using my Art as a source of therapy I began painting, choosing Oils as I had the time to explore them properly.


The backgrounds to these paintings are suggestive of cells and disrupted patterns. I chose to paint on wood as this gave another layer of texture to the surface. Each animal has a different meaning which I have included below. They are painted and layered in stages as oil is slow to dry. This technique was perfect as it enabled me to work slowly on them in between treatments. The lyrics are from songs or poems that helped me through the darker days and inspired me to move forward.


Sizes and prices are as follows:

Large Square (LS): 45cm x 45cm, £190

Large Rectangular (LR): 43cm x 22cm, £120

Small Square (SS): 20cm x 20cm, £55

Commissions welcome.



The Raven has many meanings. It is often thought of as a bad omen as they are carrions and frequent graveyards. However, ancient British folklore from Celtic and Pagan times see the Raven as a symbol of rebirth, recovery, renewal, reflection and healing. He symbolises moving through transitions smoothly by casting light into the darkness.

Words, clockwise from top left:


R.E.M (SS)

Mumford & Sons (LR)

Dylan Thomas (LS)

Foo Fighters (LR)

Mumford & Sons (LR)

I painted moths at the end of treatment. For me they represented coming out of the shadows, drawn towards the light of the future as a survivor. To fly towards the light of a new life not in fear or in cancer’s shadow.

Lyrics, clockwise from top:


The Smiths (LS)

David Bowie (SS)

David Bowie (SS)

The Smiths (SS)



I love the Swallow's connection to family, friends and loyalty. Many of these paintings with pattern backgrounds involved me dragging cloth through the printed paint as a means to express the endurance of dragging my family through the cancer process.

Words, clockwise from top:


Foo Fighters (SS)

The Smiths (SS)

Erin Hanson (LR)

The bee is an ancient symbol of endurance and energy, hence their links to family and industry. I decided to paint bees as I was coming out of the endurance of treatment and fatigue; returning to work, returning to exercise, recouping lost energy.



L: Nina Simone (SS)

R: Ben Howard (LS)


Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is amongst other things a symbol of strength, self awareness and resilience. The backgrounds here are oil paint splashes based on cancer cells or dragging of cloth through pattern - in the same way that cancer cells disrupt the normal pattern of life. It represents the mud through which the lotus flower is emerging.

Lyrics, clockwise from top:


Mumford & Sons (SS)

Fleetwood Mac (SS)

Ben Howard (SS)

Ben Howard (SS)




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