My love of ceramics dates back over 25 years. During this time I have completed a BTEC in Three-Dimensional Design and have a First Class Honours Degree in Ceramics from Cardiff. Professionally I have taught Art and Ceramics at Secondary level for over 20 years in Wales, New Zealand and England.

Since returning to the UK in 2013 I have acquired the space for a studio, and create my own work in addition to teaching Art part time at Ashford School in Ashford, Kent.


All ceramic work is unique, individually handcrafted and glazed in my workshop studio. 

Commissions welcome; have a look at the links below and in the gallery for inspiration...



My new work is inspired by the myths and legends that form part of our heritage; through storytelling and our conncection with familiar and local landscape. The narrative that runs beneath our historical connections with native wildlife and our emotional, instinctive response to these. 


These beautiful, almost pre-historic sea birds fascinate me. A common sight at a nearby beach, seen wings outstretched, they have a shorter wingspan than other sea birds meaning they are strong swimmers but have to work harder in the air. They are known to swallow pebbles to reach deeper depths when diving. This determination and tenacity resonates deeply with me. They have, in short, become an obsession...


As I approach five years cancer free I wanted to explore the emotional impact of this milestone. The cormorant, its strength and perseverence an inspiration of moving into a new stage of acceptance and daring to look to the future. The gold compartments symbolise healing and mending of the body and mind. 


Directly inspired by local seascapes and graggy hillsides, bring the fire to your table by using fire gel or a tea light for a longer, more ambient effect. 



Alfie & Maisie:

My most recent commission has been a Golden Retriever mantelpiece duo. This was such a pleasure to complete; I almost felt I knew the two dogs at the end!

I am welcome to all suggestions for commission work. Please see my commission section for more information

Highland Cow:

This head mount is quite possibly the largest piece I have created, she was a struggle to fit in the kiln!

Terracotta and drift wood, she stands at 50cm high and 70cm wide.