My work is inspired by textures and a layering of processes. Fundamentally I am interested in clay and retaining its unique  tactile quality throughout the firing process. I may switch subject matter depending on obsessions and inspirations as they occur, but the subtle malleability of clay and the challenge to build is what draws me in time and time again...

Wall Mounts and Free Standing Skulls

Inspired initally by frequent visits to local manor houses and museums, my wall mounts aim to capture the personality of the animal, whether that be curious, shy or mocking, whilst retaining an obvious decorative style in the use of select metallic finishes and overly curling antlers or horns.

What began as stag and ram heads moved into skulls and through commissions I have also created Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Big Bad Wolf.

Each piece is individually hand crafted using a slab technique and  fired multiple times with layers of slip, oxide and glaze. More recent skulls have wire antlers and horns, watch this space for new Deer Mounts! 

Skull, ram or goat wall mounts start at £145, Deer and antelope heads from £180. Free standing skulls from £75.

Skulls of various sizes are available on my Etsy Shop: CeramicArtbyKelly


For years I have been inspired by the female form. The figure on the right dates back to my degree work. Through textures taken from wallpaper, graffiti and clothing, they suggest the layering of memories; how they shape us, create strength in our identity but also give way to fragility, hence the incomplete forms and broken surfaces. Individually slab built in white paperclay with porcelain inlay and fired multiple times layering slip with glaze.

My latest piece "Belonging" returns to the female form. As I approach five years cancer free I wanted to explore the emotional impact of this milestone. The cormorant, its strength and perseverance is an inspiration for moving into a new stage of acceptance and daring to look to the future. The gold compartments symbolise healing and mending of the body and mind. 



Robins are one of my favourite birds. It is thought that when a robin flies into your presence he signifies stimulation of new growth and renewal in many areas of life. 

Hand modelled in white clay with malleable wire legs, each robin is unique. They are life size, underglazed with englobes and finished with a crackle glaze.

Available from my Etsy Shop CeramicArtbyKelly 

Sleeping Foxes

I absolutely adore foxes and the narrative of their personality through both traditional story telling and Celtic heritage.

Individually hand crafted and  raku fired, each has their own personality. Approximately 8cm in diameter.

Available from my Etsy Shop: CeramicArtbyKelly


Following on from the story of foxes I have recently begun making  badgers, full of character and history in our heritage and story telling through the ages.

Individually hand crafted and  raku fired, each has their own personality. Approximately 10cm in height. 

Available from my Etsy Shop: CeramicArtbyKelly


As I mention on my home page, Cormorants are my most recent obsession.Their strength and dignity are truly inspirational and they apear almost pre-historic and Phoenix like.

Individually hand crafted and  raku fired, they are mounted on local driftwood and hag stones. Approximately 17cm in height, available from my Etsy Shop: CeramicArtbyKelly. 

Cormorant Pair

This male and female pair are two of the most demanding, but satisfying builds I have completed in a long time. Standing at over 50cm tall with a wingspan of 50cm they were incredibly tricky to fit in the kiln! 

Slab built in terracotta. £450 each, please contact direct for more information. 

Fire Bowls & Tea light Holders 

Inspired by the local coast line these firebowls are indoor table centre peices.

Safe to use with fire gel for a dramatic indoor smokefree flame or with tea lights.Bring some drama to your table!

Various sizes are available on my shop on Etsy: CeramicArtbyKelly

Hanging Baskets

The carved patterns on these hand coiled baskets are based on the patterns of trailing seaweed in the sand at our local Warren. The macrame woven hangers are decorated with seaglass and hagstones from the same beach. 

Earthenware and Stoneware with a variety of sizes are available from my Etsy Shop: CeramicArtbyKelly 


These earthenware ceramic flowers can be requested in a variety of colours and look great singularly or in a group. Suitable for indoors or sheltered outdoor setting. 

Approx 30cm tall.

£15 each